Evergreen DynaComfort ES83

The brand-new Evergreen DynaComfort ES83 is a high-performance tire for premium sport SUVs. This tire launched by Evergreen, whose goal is to develop sustainable tires, meets all the conditions required for premium SUVs and offers a proved dry and wet performance. Besides, it is a quiet and durable tire with a remarkable rolling resistance and an outstanding mileage. The Evergreen DynaComfort ES83 falls under the Highway Terrain category, which means that the company worked hard to increase the driving safety and comfort on hard-surface roads.

Regarding its tread pattern, its four deep circumferential grooves increase the tire grip, as well as the water drainage and the resistance to aquaplaning. On top of that, the centre rim and its tread blocks are considerable rigid, which in turn guarantees the steering precision. Apart from that, the narrow sipes on the peripheral part of the tread pattern improve the driving comfort, tire stability, grip, and traction while driving both on wet and dry winding roads.

Where to buy Evergreen DynaComfort ES83 ?

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