Metzeler Cruisetec

The newest motorcycle tyre from Metzeler will quickly become the first choice for cruiser users. The tyre has been conceived to improve the handling characteristics of the previous models. The main improvements have been made with cornering and grip in mind, and the result is a tyre with a robust structure that enables a much smoother driving experience.

The dual compound of the tyre, with a high silica rate, allows a fast warm-up and a great grip on wet surfaces. In order to maximize its footprint, the tyre is equipped with the latest generation of plasticizers with a blend of liquid polymers. Regarding the durability of the tyre, the manufacturer guarantees a consistent performance and wear due to the combination of three elements: the slick tread pattern, the constant curvature profiles and a bi-component rear profile that guarantees a uniform structure while preserving its profile.

Where to buy Metzeler Cruisetec ?

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